Kling Brothers and Co. Building, by Alfred S. Alschuler

A happy accident of misdirection took me past this lovely thing. Alschuler is probably best known for the London Garantee Building at Michigan and Wacker. I don’t know anything about the Kling Brothers, but I’m assuming this was a warehouse/factory of some kind. Nice incorporation of the Magen David in the logo. Side note: Alschuler worked for Dankmar Adler and designed the second synagogue for the KAM Isaiah Israel Temple in Hyde Park. The previous building was designed by Adler and Sullivan, which suffered a horrific fire back in 2006.

I Hate Taggers

Within a week of a trellis being set up in front of the Chicago Motor Club Building (more info here), a tagger took advantage of the cover and scrawled who-knows-what-the-hell on the facade. While not an “important” building, it’s a nifty little Art Deco gem, tucked away in an infrequently visited corner of Michigan Avenue. Outshone by its Dalek-like neighbor, the Carbide and Carbon Building, the building nonetheless has a quiet simplicity and dignity. It certainly doesn’t need “Mode Magz’s” toddler scrawlings on it.

No Rumble in the Bronx

I’ve passed by the “historic Bronx building” many times on my way through Skokie, and I’ve always meant to stop and take a few shots. Looks like a 20s era building. Not sure what makes it historic. I haven’t found much more info about it online, save from the company that was apparently hired to rehab it—and they seem to be incurious creatures. Snazzy entryways! Anyway, enjoy: