Sometimes a piece of mine isn't published. Sometimes a piece of mine isn't published in the form I prefer. Sometimes the editor can't spare the space. Sometimes the editor has different ideas than I do about how a piece is best presented. How's that for diplomacy?

  • "Chicago Swordplay Guild" — My original article written and submitted to the Reader, but rejected. Needs more rounding out and a little long, but much meatier than the piece that was published. The published one wasn't bad, and had a few interesting additions made by the editor, but it ends abruptly (they cut the original ending because of space), and you don't quite get a feel for what it is the Guild does. I'll run the other version on the Samples page (with the original ending), and you can decide for yourself which one you prefer. Consider this the Moby Dick version.
  • "Halloween Show" — I attended a Halloween trade show and had a blast. Wrote something up for the Reader's consideration, but it wasn't "timely" enough. I might write up something on the Halloween industry using this as a touchstone. More of a series of notes and observations than an article per se.
  • "Jury Duty" — A tamer version of this piece was created for the Chicago Journal after I sent this version to the editor and a few friends as a soul-scrubbing exercise. I prefer this version. The names have been changed, just in case the convicted gets sue-happy.