My Current Writing Projects

Links, articles, and so forth regarding the following subjects are much appreciated.

J. Mayo Williams and the Black Patti/Chicago Record Company—Williams was a talent agent for Paramount Records during the early years of recording, who "discovered" and recorded such acts as Ma Rainey, Papa Charlie Jackson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Blake, Muddy Waters, and many others. He also ran the Chicago Record Company, which produced Black Patti label records, the rarest of the rare among 78 rpm records. Yet, he remains a footnote in blues and jazz history. I've been researching Williams and Black Patti for the past year. Any information on him, Black Patti, the Chicago Record Company, his family, still living people whoknew or recorded with him, or the like would be much appreciated.

Parker Noble Berry—Berry was Louis Sullivan's last draftsman, and a mysterious figure who was cut down at a young age just as his own career was starting up. Any info or living relatives who might want to talk and share family history would be greatly appreciated.