Work of mine available on this site and elsewhere on the Web. Updated December 30, 2011.

  • The Steppes of Chicago — A Chicago history and architecture blog I run with friends.

  • Church of the Epiphany—The first church I ever reviewed for the Chicago Journalis closing, so the nice folks at CJ asked to rerun my review.

  • Ghanaian Movie Posters—An exploration of oil-painted movie posters. Bizarre, disturbing, messed-up.
  • Coyotes—I search for coyotes on a South Loop tract of land formerly owned by Tony Rezko.

  • Dunning/Schorsch Village—First installment of my Chicago Revenant series of Chicago neighborhood profiles for Gapers Block.

  • Count Dante of ISW—I interview Bob "Count Dante" Calhoun about his great book Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal

  • The Everleigh Club—Interview with Karen Abbott, writer of Sin and the Second City and short history of the exclusive Everleigh whorehouse of turn of the century Chicago.

  • The Life and Death of the Deadliest Man Alive — Article for the Chicago Reader that may or may not still be posted when you read this. Speaking to all who take issue with this article, I used the information I had at hand, and, frankly, I heard a dozen different stories about the same events that often contradicted one another. If you want to offer a correction, let Mr. Floyd Webb know and he'll probably let you have your say in his documentary.

  • "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" — A survey of Adler and Sullivan building fragments.

  • Lucky Pierre Swearline — Local art collective collects dirty words for a swearing jukebox. I study the history of profanity for the Chicago Reader. 18 and over only, please. Beat it kid.

  • "Ragtime Town" — Sort of an encapsulation of the third issue of Chris Ware's Ragtime Ephemeralist, which discussed Chicago's ragtime history in depth. Log-rolling in our time.

  • "Book Hell" Catholic hell lore. Written for the frantabulous Donna Kossy and her equally ginchy zine Book Happy. Write to Ms. Kossy and order the latest issue. You won't be sorry.
  • My BlogInfrequently updated.