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WHO Is Listening to Krautrock?

It is I. I am listening to Krautrock. I have nothing worthwhile to say, apparently. Say, what did you think of my Portage Theater article? Thanks to Whet Moser of Chicago Magazine and Kate Dries of WBEZ for pointing it out on their blogs.

Cell Phone Photos #1


Four thousand words about the Portage Theater, packed off and sent to Gapers Block. IT IS ACCOMPLISHED.

Jesus, I Trust in Your Laser Heart


Reading my EveryBlock news feed, I sometimes get the impression I live in a garbage-strewn, crime-battered, gangbanger-ridden hell that occasionally hosts a puppet show for the kids.

This Could Be YOU!

Life in the Theater

I attended the Landmarks Commission at lunchtime. Not sure of the technical term, but the Commission approved the continued pursuit of landmark status for the Portage Theater! Huzzah! As a fellow attendee said to me on the way out, “That was a very nice first step.”

Where West Side Story Meets Dawn of the Dead

Note: I’m currently working on a Gapers Block piece about the Portage Theater and efforts to prevent its purchase by the Chicago Tabernacle Church. Some passages and sentiments may carry over to that article, but the GB article will be more history-heavy. Just FYI. Monday night I attended the Save the Portage Theater rally. Appropriately, […]

Save the Portage Theater!

Attend the public meeting tonight, Monday, March 26,  at 7 p.m. at the Portage Theater, 4050 N Milwaukee. More information at 45th Ward alderman John Arena’s website.

In My Day Kids Just Ran Lemonade Stands