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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Introduction for My Soon-to-Be “Published” E-Book Hilaretic

Let me know if this reads well. Well, I’ll Be Damned By Dan Kelly I knew I’d grow up to be a writer. It never occurred to me I’d be a church reviewer. Heck, I didn’t even come up with the concept. Brett McNeil, former Chicago Journal editor did. A decade ago, as Brett mentions […]

Mr. Dan Kelly’s Top Five Desert Island Books

1. Building a Sex Doll with Flotsam and Jetsam, by the Editors of Make Magazine 2. The Joy of Cooking Your Own Foot, by Irma S. Rombauer 3. Fighting Off Mutant Crab Monsters with a Sharpened Stick, by Sgt. Clint Higgins 4. What Was That? On the Horizon… Oh My God! Sob! A Ship! A […]

White Unlike He

Christian Lander strikes me as the kind of high school/college nerd who—saddened that he lacked the musculature to become a true bully—realized he could elevate his sense of self-worth by indiscriminately chopping up things the other nerds liked. Chris Ware pointed out this phenomenon in one of his hilarious parody ads. Selling the product “RESENTMENT” […]

Two Autobiographical Stories My Son Inexplicably Asks Me to Retell

Nate is utterly rapt when I tell him these stories, and he wants me to tell them again and again and again. I know not why, my liege. Note that I am telling the below stories the same way I tell them to my three-year-old son. Don’t expect Faulkner. 1. Once, when I was a […]