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Category Archives: doodads

No One Who Ever Goes In… Ever Comes Out the Same Way…

Fun game catalog found in a Civil War themed game I bought on eBay. Share this:

Newest Bottles

Nice selection of bottles from my recent, latest jaunt to Michigan. Highlights include the “Pluto Water: America’s Phisic” bottle with the image of Pluto/Hades/Satan on the bottom; the bottle of Sun-Drop soda (“ITS INVIGORATING PICK-UP and REFRESHING QUALITY is taken from the COCOA BEAN”); a green Dr. Pepper bottle with their former “10-2-4” clock logo […]

If I Unzip the Googlefly, I Fear What May Pop Out

Question: How does Googlefly eat? Share this:

Son-Printed Sunprint

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This Could Be YOU!

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Things You Don’t Expect to See on a Chicago Street in 2012

A sticker featuring Vaughn Bodē’s Cheech Wizard. Share this:


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Patent Absurdity #2

Haven’t come up with a name for this one yet. Maybe I should sell these on Etsy, because I’d really like to see who’d buy something like this. Share this:

Man of Brains, Man of Beef

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My son asked me to build him a ray gun. amazing what you can throw together in five minutes with some scrap cardboard and duct tape. Of course now I want to take it back and IMPROVE it. Share this: