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Monthly Archives: April 2010

I Can’t Understand Why I Didn’t Get Dates in High School

And I didn’t even do most of the programming. I just tagged along with an even bigger dork and provided the text.

For Kathy

Geek to the Core

Seriously, what more could I say? I really captured the essence of the story. Obviously, I was destined to be a writer. Now, what the teacher didn’t know was that this was a Fotonovel. I was a terrible, terrible student back in grade school. I made the “C” honor roll one year. Really. I wasn’t […]

Tough Crannies

There’s a style of  writing that I call “cheesecake writing.” I don’t mean that in the pin-up sense. I’m describing works that serve up tasty but ultimately pouffy and empty verbiage. It’s pretty, it tastes sweet, but it’s porous, mushy, and fits the shape of the pan you poured the mixture into. I can’t stand […]

Louisville! The Possibility City! Part 5

Mike and I didn’t spend our entire time eating pork and green beans in Louisville. Being both history geeks and Lincoln buffs, we spent a morning and early afternoon in and around the town of Hodgenville. We first heard about Hodgenville back in February (I think) through the film Being Lincoln: Men with Hats, a […]


The last time I made an entry to the old Mr. Neighbor blog was way back in 2006. We’ve done small things here and there, but nothing worthy of photos or commemoration (adding outlets and lamps, stuff like that). My father-in-law and I built a patio a year ago, but I just didn’t feel like […]

The Skinny, Floppy-Haired Scammer with Fingers in Many Pies

In my unspectacular life, I have encountered a number of men resembling John Linnell of They Might Be Giants who either (1) attempted to wheedle money out of me, (2) continually outlined their grand plans for fame and fortune for me, and/or (3) made it clear that my taste in everything was shit. I doubt […]