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Flying Velvet Unicorn Meat

Note: I know this is well overdue, but I’ve been ruminating about this article and the writer’s plight for some time since reading it. Basically, here’s why it’s okay for writers (and other artists) to think the world owes them a living when we provide services. Expecting otherwise is downright un-American. When you’re younger and […]

99 Glass Balloons

Many years ago, I read at an event covering the topic of writings found on the Internet. It was the late 90s, and the Web was still a brave and uncharted new world. The concept of uncompensated writers covering unusual and personal topics was novel enough to warrant this sort of attention. The guy who […]


I need to remember to activate comments. I had to disable them in general because the damn spambots are hitting me like locusts. So, say something to let me know you’re reading! And thanks, Carrie, for the excitement over my recent appearance.

If I Unzip the Googlefly, I Fear What May Pop Out

Question: How does Googlefly eat?

Now Then… Where Did I Put My Hebrew Keyboard?

Things I Never Understood During My Tenure on LiveJournal

1. The large number of people who, whenever I posted admonishments against people who annoyed me in meatspace, thought I was speaking directly to them—against all evidence and even across state lines. Me: Curse you, foul creature, for failing to submit those TPS reports before the 3 p.m. meeting. I damn thee! Commenter: What? When […]

That Old Gang of Mine

Every time I think of joining the Facebook groups for my old grade school and high school, I visit the sites and the feeling goes away. “Hey! Remember that guy with the thing? And he did that thing by the thing in the gymnasium? OMFG THAT WAS HILARIOUS! COME ON, YOU REMEMBER! THAT GUY!” “What […]

Joaquin Phoenhoax

If the 1990s were the age of irony, where everything sat between double quotes, the 2000s and 2010s are promising to be the age of the participatory lie. Bush’s claim of WMDs was the most egregious example. Even in the face of contradictory evidence, even now, long after it’s been proven that Hussein had no […]

Look at My Dumb! Gee, You’re Thumb!

I love a good hoax or practical joke, but the gist of the Dry Erase Board Jenny hoax seems to be, “Ha ha! You thought she was real! But she wasn’t!” There’s no game here, other than, I suspect, an attempt to garner some hits with a hot piece of… Uh, a very pretty girl. […]