That Old Gang of Mine

Every time I think of joining the Facebook groups for my old grade school and high school, I visit the sites and the feeling goes away.

“Hey! Remember that guy with the thing? And he did that thing by the thing in the gymnasium? OMFG THAT WAS HILARIOUS! COME ON, YOU REMEMBER! THAT GUY!”

“What about that one time that kid puked, and they spread that stuff, that orange stuff on the puke? And we all smelled the puke? Remember that?”

“Hey, whatever happened to that crazy old teacher with the weird lisp and the lazy eye? OMFG SHE WAS HILARIOUS!”

“Uh, that was my mom, and she died of an aneurysm last year.”

“Oh, hey, she was a beautiful lady, man.”

“Here are some AWESOME pix from that time we went to Great America. Remember how out of focus and badly composed we all were back then? HILARIOUS!!!”

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.