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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Actually, I Would Probably Watch That

[Flipping through the animation and anime offerings on Netflix’s instant view.] Dan: [Calling to Mike in the other room.] Man, the descriptions for these anime series are bizarre. For instance, this one is called Black Butler… Mike: Is it about Benson? Dan: Har har har!

World With End, Amen

Received one of these today on Michigan Avenue from one of those folks who think that if God isn’t always vying for mass world death, He’s just not doing His job. There’s got to be some money behind this group though. They had five trucks decorated like the one below.

Theater of Blood

Built in 1909, the Grayland Theater* (3940 N. Cicero) was one of several small silent age movie houses in Chicago. Called neighborhood theaters (according to the fascinating Jazz Age Chicago site), these tiny showplaces skimped on fripperies like balconies, pillars, and ornamentation, and were strictly built to hold a hundred (or fewer) people for an […]

New Pop Bottle Acquired in Milwaukee

I wish I knew someone who cared about this shit.