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Dennis Eichhorn’s Story Ended

Comic book creator Dennis Eichhorn died. I wasn’t close friends with him, but I would have liked to have been. We were friendly colleagues though when I interacted with him in the late 90s—mostly by mail and once in person. I’m not sure when I first encountered his work. Like Harvey Pekar, Eichhorn was a […]

And It’s Green Too

Nate (My four-year-old, in the back seat): “Is the junk superstrong?” Mike: “What, buddy?” Nate: “The junk. Is the junk superstrong? Me: “Huh? The junk?” Nate: “Yeah. He’s an all green guy, but is he superstrong?” Me: (I develop a suspicion, one which my geekier friends have undoubtedly also developed) “Are you reading a comic […]

And I Discovered It Because People Still Find My Site by Searching for “Kate Beckinsale shopping”

Kate Beckinsale and her family visit a comic book store. Somehow, I feel like this was probably tied in with promoting Underworld or some such thing. Still, her kid is obviously enjoying herself, and so is she. I took my son to his first Free Comic Book day a few weeks ago and had the same […]

Pretty Cute

Last night I was standing alone in the kitchen at a party, sipping a cider, trying to get over my damned social awkwardness and inability to chat easily with new people. At once, a lady walked through with wild hair and clothes and a big smile on her face. Our eyes met and I said […]


Haunted by Gretchen Dow Simpson, by Chris Ware

Things You Don’t Expect to See on a Chicago Street in 2012

A sticker featuring Vaughn BodÄ“’s Cheech Wizard.

The Man of Tomorrow

More shots from the Chicago Man of Steel film set.

Strange Visitor from Another Planet

A few shoddy shots of filming of The Man of Steel near Michigan and Wacker. I heard Laurence Fishburne is down there.

Actually, I Would Probably Watch That

[Flipping through the animation and anime offerings on Netflix’s instant view.] Dan: [Calling to Mike in the other room.] Man, the descriptions for these anime series are bizarre. For instance, this one is called Black Butler… Mike: Is it about Benson? Dan: Har har har!

The Goddamned Batmorality and Batemperance Society

This morning I was helping Nate get dressed, and I suited him up in one of his two or three Batman shirts. It looks like a Dick Giordano Batman, courageously going forth to fight the bad guys with Gotham City as a backdrop. I noted that the shirt had a caption: Me: (Pointing at each […]