And It’s Green Too

Nate (My four-year-old, in the back seat): “Is the junk superstrong?”

Mike: “What, buddy?”

Nate: “The junk. Is the junk superstrong?

Me: “Huh? The junk?”

Nate: “Yeah. He’s an all green guy, but is he superstrong?”

Me: (I develop a suspicion, one which my geekier friends have undoubtedly also developed) “Are you reading a comic back there, little guy?”

Nate: “Yeah.”

Me: “Let me see it.” (I reach back and take it, then look at the page he’s been reading.) “Ah, I believe you mean the Incredible Hulk, buddy.”

Nate: “Yeah! The Incredible Junk!”

Me: (To Mike) “You know, I have no doubt his junk IS incredible.”

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.