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Reprinting a couple of pieces of mine from the months after September 11. künstwerk Review of the here is new york photo exhibit February 4–March 30, 2002 In the shaky days after Sept. 11, German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen was roundly misquoted as describing the WTC attacks as the greatest work of art ever. Not so. […]


I won’t say where, but I recently encountered one of the coolest security guards in the world. I was visiting a lovely Art Deco edifice a while back, and I wanted to take a few pix of the sedately ornate lobby, which featured the inevitable slim, half-naked figures that decorated the era’s most fashionable elevator […]

Flying Velvet Unicorn Meat

Note: I know this is well overdue, but I’ve been ruminating about this article and the writer’s plight for some time since reading it. Basically, here’s why it’s okay for writers (and other artists) to think the world owes them a living when we provide services. Expecting otherwise is downright un-American. When you’re younger and […]

Tire Rim Man

Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas.

In a matter of speaking, I’ve turned up (along with my children and my friends Matt and Dan and their kidlings) on a certain magazine’s cover this week. Yes, I am gleeful and proud. After several months of absolutely shitty happenstance, it was a nice break. My thanks to Mr. W.

The Spirit Was Willing, BUT THE FLESH WAS WEAK!


Haunted by Gretchen Dow Simpson, by Chris Ware

Save the Portage Theater!

My Gapers Block article about the Portage Theater is now up. Read it, and please attend the zoning board meeting today at 9 a.m.!


The oral aspect is alarming.

Son-Printed Sunprint