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Monthly Archives: June 2012

At The Theater to See Moonrise Kingdom Last Night…

(My wife leaves to use the facilities. I’m one seat in from the end in an already poor viewing position on the far right of the theater. I spy a group of four mature semi-latecomers  coming in, looking for seats. I know they’re heading for me, and I’m prepared to move, once they show they […]

Protector of the City

Nate: Dad, I want to be a Protector of the City. Me: What’s that, bud? Nate: A protector. He wears a cowboy hat. Me: Yeah? Nate: And sometimes a bathing suit, but not always. And he wears purple sunglasses. Me: Okay. What else? Nate: Sometimes he wears green glasses, but not anymore. And then he’s […]

I Can Haz Cannibalizm Bacon?

Let’s imagine that through some set of circumstances, you end up attending a soda pop bottle collectors’ convention. Perhaps, like me, you collect soda pop bottles, and turning up at such a convention wouldn’t be a surprise to you (I haven’t attended any myself), but in this instance let’s assume you don’t give a damn […]

And It’s Green Too

Nate (My four-year-old, in the back seat): “Is the junk superstrong?” Mike: “What, buddy?” Nate: “The junk. Is the junk superstrong? Me: “Huh? The junk?” Nate: “Yeah. He’s an all green guy, but is he superstrong?” Me: (I develop a suspicion, one which my geekier friends have undoubtedly also developed) “Are you reading a comic […]