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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Art of the School Institute

If you’re ever bored at the Chicago Art Institute, you’re probably walking around with your eyes closed. I visit the museum at least twice a month (it’s down the street from work). Predictably, I usually visit Joseph Cornell’s boxes on the third floor of the new(ish) wing. Frankly, I don’t really like what they’ve done […]


Recently, at work, I was considered competent enough to win several gift cards in recognition of my diligence and industry—not once but THREE times. The pebble in my shoe, however, is that the gift card site offers few alternatives that accommodate my tastes—I am not an aficionado of auto supplies, and I find the cuisine […]

Mediocre Striver

Sometimes you encounter a person who’s so diligent, productive, and active, you know they’re destined for greatness. Barack Obama’s friends probably knew he would rise higher and faster than most, for instance. The rest of us deal with the everyday stuff, occasionally rise to meet a challenge, and enjoy our little moments of triumph—but we’re […]

Ross Douthat

I don’t know enough about Ross Douthat to decide if he’s just another slippery young neocon or a potential Garry Wills, unafraid to question his ideology and himself in the face of reason. Still, he crafted an interesting turn of phrase this morning. He critiqued Rand Paul for being a paleoconservative rather than a more […]

Come On, Dan

Write… blog… don’t stop.

Perish the Thought

I know it’s wrong, but whenever I read about a starlet collaborating with some shaggy song-writing dude, I always wonder how often the guy thinks: “What an excellent opportunity to explore new musical ideas and pathways. This young woman will act as my muse, even as I, in turn, inspire her. What a delightful tapestry […]


Something I Didn’t Need to See, and Which You Probably Didn’t Need to See Either

Cigarette resting in discarded panties in the hardware store parking lot. One of life’s mysteries.

Shit’s gotta end. That’s all I’ll say. Sorry. It was a ponderous night. Ponderous few weeks, in fact. And it’s all happening when I’m feeling creative.

My First National Exposure: An Auspicious Start

Sent to me by my friend Kathy, who is plundering her personal archives. From The Nose… July 1994. Edited down from a longer piece (I was told that it was “too literary” and needed to be tacked back a bit, which is fine, because The Nose wasn’t Harper’s). Oh, so much has changed since then. […]