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Monthly Archives: January 2012


Okay, that’s a few thousand more words written and a more solid, if perplexing, plot uh, plotted. You’ll see.


Okay, I’ve opened my browser about a dozen times this afternoon, each time wondering what I’m supposed to do next, because my tab buttons are gone for Facebook, Twitter, etc. I AM DISEASED.

Mr. Dan Kelly’s Pop Bottle Collection

I collect pop bottles. I can’t recall when I started, but I wouldn’t doubt it happened around Christmastime in 1996. I drove up to Michigan with my girlfriend (now wife) to meet her parents for the first time, and quickly discovered that not much happens in Grand Haven and Muskegon during the winter months (unless […]

O, Muse, Sing Within Me!

Morning pages are a great idea, and I try to fill at least a page in my notebook every day (usually with digressions on art, rants, and segments of nonexistent novels). At the same time, as I write them, I imagine a suburban housewife in a flowery maxi-dress, sipping chamomile tea on the back porch, […]

Which Search Queries Bring People to …And Why?


I woke up this morning from a terribly realistic nightmare about losing my job. I had to go through a grueling exit interview that got rather nasty, and several perfect opportunities for a dramatic exit were ruined by circumstances. I guess I should have been tipped off that it was all a dream, however, since […]