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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Speak Softly and Carry a Big…

Someone I know asked me why I don’t respond to her e-mails—usually ones with funny links or forwarded messages—with longer replies. She’s right about my brevity. Unless I have a point to make requiring extra verbiage, I’m spare with words. If you send me a link to a funny video or a photo of a […]

Louis Sullivan

Pictures from the “Sullivan’s Idea” show at the Chicago Cultural Center. Compact and amazing. I’ll comment further when I get time.

Old Haunts

Click the pictures for a short reminiscence.

The Colour Out of Space

Post-storm/tornado warning skies in Chicago are the weirdest.

Shhh! The Master Speaks! Ahhhhh! It Burns!

I want a term for an individual who receives acclaim for being an unapologetic prick from masochistic journalists and intellectuals who should know better. An individual who seems to be more about criticism not for the sake of improving art, society, or culture, but for simply being disgusted with whatever is placed before him or […]

Words of Advice for Young People

So, let’s figure you’re a creative type. You know the artsy people you look up to in high school and college? The free spirits with funny-colored hair, unlikely names, and wardrobes that incorporate all the colors of the rainbow and the ostentatious fashion sense of about seven different cultures? The ones who start dancing in […]

An Elizabethan Gentleman Enjoys an Ear of Corn


Oh, All Right! Just a Few More…

Remember this post? Look at what I found since then! That’s a Magritte, by the way.

Okay, Honestly, WTF?

This? This is the reason you’ve been scraping away at the front of the Gage Group? Note too that the “restored” facade is nothing special. Jesus. By the way, this is one of only five Sullivan buildings left in Chicago. Also, note that they’re not calling this restaurant “Sullivan’s.” Filthy, filthy Irish.

My Crazy Old Man Training Is Coming Along Splendidly

In days of old (the late 90s) whenever I had an idea or needed to remember something, I grabbed the nearest notepad, Post it, or other scrap of paper, jotted it down, and then stuffed it in my pants pocket. When I arrived home, I amused my wife as I emptied my pockets of my […]