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Right Up Dere

Here’s a fun fact. if you want to get on my bad side very quickly, ask me to help you, and then criticize me while I’m doing it. I might very well leave you adrift among sharks if, when I try to throw you a life preserver, you make a crack about my hurling technique. […]

In My Day Kids Just Ran Lemonade Stands

Third Runner-Up for the Stephen Colbert Somewhat-Lookalike Contest

William J. Kelly says vote for him, because NO, YOU DA MAN!

Street Art… or Crazy Herniated Homeless Guy’s Shopping Cart?

You make the call…

Jobs Shrine

George Grant Elmslie

More here.

Kling Brothers and Co. Building, by Alfred S. Alschuler

A happy accident of misdirection took me past this lovely thing. Alschuler is probably best known for the London Garantee Building at Michigan and Wacker. I don’t know anything about the Kling Brothers, but I’m assuming this was a warehouse/factory of some kind. Nice incorporation of the Magen David in the logo. Side note: Alschuler […]

Let Us Now Praise Crazy Men

I honestly had no idea there was a statue of Captain Streeter in Chicago. Now we need one for the Unknown Brick Stealer.

Shepard Fairey Installation on the Grand Avenue Underpass

Why, It Must Be Christmastime in Chicago… Death Dangles Above!