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Right Up Dere

Here’s a fun fact. if you want to get on my bad side very quickly, ask me to help you, and then criticize me while I’m doing it. I might very well leave you adrift among sharks if, when I try to throw you a life preserver, you make a crack about my hurling technique. […]

In My Day Kids Just Ran Lemonade Stands

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Third Runner-Up for the Stephen Colbert Somewhat-Lookalike Contest

William J. Kelly says vote for him, because NO, YOU DA MAN! Share this:

Street Art… or Crazy Herniated Homeless Guy’s Shopping Cart?

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Jobs Shrine

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George Grant Elmslie

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Kling Brothers and Co. Building, by Alfred S. Alschuler

A happy accident of misdirection took me past this lovely thing. Alschuler is probably best known for the London Garantee Building at Michigan and Wacker. I don’t know anything about the Kling Brothers, but I’m assuming this was a warehouse/factory of some kind. Nice incorporation of the Magen David in the logo. Side note: Alschuler […]

Let Us Now Praise Crazy Men

I honestly had no idea there was a statue of Captain Streeter in Chicago. Now we need one for the Unknown Brick Stealer. Share this:

Shepard Fairey Installation on the Grand Avenue Underpass

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Why, It Must Be Christmastime in Chicago… Death Dangles Above!

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