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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Readers Without Borders

For many years I avoided buying books at Borders’ web site for the very reasons you’re probably thinking right now: they were overpriced and their stock was curiously limited. While I made regular browsing and buying visits to stores around Chicago (my son’s library was nicely padded out by their expansive children’s section), I dreaded […]

Under the Irving Park Overpass

Things I Never Understood During My Tenure on LiveJournal

1. The large number of people who, whenever I posted admonishments against people who annoyed me in meatspace, thought I was speaking directly to them—against all evidence and even across state lines. Me: Curse you, foul creature, for failing to submit those TPS reports before the 3 p.m. meeting. I damn thee! Commenter: What? When […]

New Bottles Acquired in Michigan