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Monthly Archives: February 2012


Trying to finish my novel just so I can get back on Facebook is a fairly sad display of addiction. I predict I’ll finish by Saturday. I finally feel like I’m in a groove brimming with self-confidence, inspiration, and delusions of grandeur. How can I go wrong?

Sad angel wearing long underwear for no particular reason.*

Do my social media friends miss me? I thought what we had was real. * No, really, that was the caption on the Life magazine photo page.


* I’ve dulled my hand at blogging, it seems. Self-exiled from all social media in order to finish my novel and accomplish other tasks, I decided it would be all right to keep “bloggeneringing” because it requires writing that was a bit lengthier, more thoughtful, and challenging. So lengthy, thoughtful, and challenging, my muse treated […]

When Babies Are in Danger!

The Weevac 6!

We Are Awake

We are awake because daughter needed a 11 p.m. feeding and son needed 12:30 a.m. reassuring because his stuffy nose is making it hard to sleep. Also, he required a medicinal snack of club crackers. I hope the crackers do the trick, because this house has been under a fucking plague for what seems like […]


…are the same people behind everything popular? Did I miss registration day?

Lord Marmalade Pithybottom

Every episode of Downton Abbey starts with a shot of a dog’s butt.

No More Friends

All alone.


My son asked me to build him a ray gun. amazing what you can throw together in five minutes with some scrap cardboard and duct tape. Of course now I want to take it back and IMPROVE it.

All Aboot Canadian English, Eh?

A friend at work just passed this along to me. She worked as a designer in Toronto for a few years, and ended up toting it back to the states, where it remained wrapped in plastic until she thought, “I know! I’ll give it to the word nerd at work!” (She didn’t really say that.) […]