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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Biting the Candy That Feeds You

So, this morning I walked into my office building, and two nice ladies who work for the company that runs the place stood near the elevators, handing out candy from several large buckets. Loving all things Halloween I was utterly charmed, and I thanked them as I chose a small package of Whoppers. The elevator […]

Latest Shadow Box

Every item Nate noticed, picked up, and handed to me over the past three years during our walks.

Interesting Building Near Elston and St. Louis


Goodness, I miss the madness of the yearly Red Moon/Jellyeye Halloween show in Logan Square. Not sure when I took these. I’m guessing the early 2000s.

Getting the Chair

Pyramid Scheme

I remember hearing somewhere that the scion of a local grand (i.e., filthy rich) family was a failure because he was the first who failed to exponentially increase the family fortune—that is to say he didn’t make them multi-billionaires after they’d spent a century as mere multi-millionaires. I don’t know how true that is, but […]

Our Newspaper Carrier Has Either a Sense of Humor or Excellent Aim

The True Terror Lies in the Maroon Florsheim Oxfords

The boy and I made a fine scary-crow for Halloweens.

Re: Fog, Little Cat Feet

Peculiar fog that emerged from the lake mid-day, in reaction to the sudden change from summer to fall temperatures.

A Lunchtime Stroll, October 11, 2010

While I have an abiding interest in Chicago’s architecture, it dawned on me that I had yet to enter a number of my favorite buildings. So, I’m undertaking what I’ve decided to call the Lobby Project. I’ll see how far I can get into certain buildings—odds are I won’t make it past the lobby. And […]