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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Hilaretic: Now Available at Quimby’s

Still available at!


Haunted by Gretchen Dow Simpson, by Chris Ware


Also from the site that stole/mistranslated my article.

It’s Not Stealing if You Translate It Weirdly

A Google search revealed an array of spam sites (I think that’s the term) that grabbed and posted my Gapers Block Portage Theater article to their grubby little domains. I’m annoyed, but short of tracking down each and every instance and e-mailing a nasty letter to the spambot in charge, I’m not sure what I […]

If I Unzip the Googlefly, I Fear What May Pop Out

Question: How does Googlefly eat?

WHO Is Listening to Krautrock?

It is I. I am listening to Krautrock. I have nothing worthwhile to say, apparently. Say, what did you think of my Portage Theater article? Thanks to Whet Moser of Chicago Magazine and Kate Dries of WBEZ for pointing it out on their blogs.

Dod Damned Nobocaine!

Just had a filling.

Save the Portage Theater!

My Gapers Block article about the Portage Theater is now up. Read it, and please attend the zoning board meeting today at 9 a.m.!


Publication is always a thrilling yet stomach-churning experience for me. I love releasing my work into the wild, but I dread what will happen next. Mostly, I’m waiting to hear from “that guy.” I don’t have a specific “that guy” in mind. He’s more of an archetype; a self-taught scholar who becomes filled with righteous […]

Cell Phone Photos #1