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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Where West Side Story Meets Dawn of the Dead

Note: I’m currently working on a Gapers Block piece about the Portage Theater and efforts to prevent its purchase by the Chicago Tabernacle Church. Some passages and sentiments may carry over to that article, but the GB article will be more history-heavy. Just FYI. Monday night I attended the Save the Portage Theater rally. Appropriately, […]

Wank Wank Wank

Well, I just got my Nine Sigma Invisible Wolf-Skin Belt in Quality Business Foofaraw. That’s the one that’s so awesome, the minute I tell you about it YOU IMMEDIATELY AND FOOLISHLY BELIEVE IT’S A MEANINGLESS DESIGNATION THAT DOESN’T EXIST. Picture from LIFE.

Now Then… Where Did I Put My Hebrew Keyboard?

Save the Portage Theater!

Attend the public meeting tonight, Monday, March 26,  at 7 p.m. at the Portage Theater, 4050 N Milwaukee. More information at 45th Ward alderman John Arena’s website.


I need to keep blogging. It’s as if an occult hand had reached into my brains and extracted the blogging instinct.


In My Day Kids Just Ran Lemonade Stands

Third Runner-Up for the Stephen Colbert Somewhat-Lookalike Contest

William J. Kelly says vote for him, because NO, YOU DA MAN!

Things You Don’t Expect to See on a Chicago Street in 2012

A sticker featuring Vaughn BodÄ“’s Cheech Wizard.

:-( ? :-)

This was not the best of all possible days. But it had its moments.