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I Can Haz Cannibalizm Bacon?

Let’s imagine that through some set of circumstances, you end up attending a soda pop bottle collectors’ convention. Perhaps, like me, you collect soda pop bottles, and turning up at such a convention wouldn’t be a surprise to you (I haven’t attended any myself), but in this instance let’s assume you don’t give a damn […]


I need to keep blogging. It’s as if an occult hand had reached into my brains and extracted the blogging instinct. Share this:

Sad angel wearing long underwear for no particular reason.*

Do my social media friends miss me? I thought what we had was real. * No, really, that was the caption on the Life magazine photo page. Share this:


* I’ve dulled my hand at blogging, it seems. Self-exiled from all social media in order to finish my novel and accomplish other tasks, I decided it would be all right to keep “bloggeneringing” because it requires writing that was a bit lengthier, more thoughtful, and challenging. So lengthy, thoughtful, and challenging, my muse treated […]

Things I Never Understood During My Tenure on LiveJournal

1. The large number of people who, whenever I posted admonishments against people who annoyed me in meatspace, thought I was speaking directly to them—against all evidence and even across state lines. Me: Curse you, foul creature, for failing to submit those TPS reports before the 3 p.m. meeting. I damn thee! Commenter: What? When […]

In Case You Were Wondering Where the Name of My Blog Came From

I’ve been looking into Chamberlain’s life. Interesting guy. I’ll post more as I discover more. Share this:

Pure Sex

New pocket Moleskines, in an all-new color… RED—appropriately, the color of notebook lust. While I love my journal-size Moleskines, these pocket versions are mighty handy for quick notes. With their soft cardboard covers, they fit very comfortably in my front pants pocket. And while they grow softer and more frayed and wrinkled over time, they […]

Come On, Dan

Write… blog… don’t stop. Share this:


Maybe I should come back here. LiveJournal is dead. Too bad about the comment spam. Share this:


Test test. Maybe I should come back to this one and kill the LiveJournal. Share this: