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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Rutabaga o’Lantern

In honor of my Gaelic roots, I carved a rutabaga this year. It takes some doing (scooping out the guts isn’t as efficient as it is with a pumpkin), but the end results are creepily worth it. STAY AWAY, EVIL SPIRITS!

Halloween Decoration Abominations

I’ve developed a practical philosophy about Halloween decorations ever since I bought a house  and gained a front porch canvas on which I could present my annual nightmare tableau.* While I believe that everyone is entitled to live the way they want to live (so long as nobody gets hurt), where Halloween decorations are concerned […]

Street Art… or Crazy Herniated Homeless Guy’s Shopping Cart?

You make the call…

Find the Stoopid Cat

Click to enlargimify.

Jobs Shrine