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                    Talking to my Wife (Not verbatim, but close.) Me: Nate told me all about the leprechaun traps they set at school. Wife: Yes, I heard about those. They come in and mess up the classroom. Me: Uh, you know he made a trap for home […]

On Behalf of the Irish, Go to Hell!

Display of “Irish” drinking wear in a convenience store window downtown. I don’t know what annoys me more: the boas or the fuzzy rave hats.   Share this:


“You’re pretty tall for an Irishman.” My New Dentist   Share this:

Rutabaga o’Lantern

In honor of my Gaelic roots, I carved a rutabaga this year. It takes some doing (scooping out the guts isn’t as efficient as it is with a pumpkin), but the end results are creepily worth it. STAY AWAY, EVIL SPIRITS! Share this: