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Category Archives: woodworking

Words of Advice for Young People

I told my friend Dave last night that whenever I realize I’m half-assing a project, I remember what he said while we constructed a coffin in my basement. Measuring the wood, I realized the weight and width of the coffin would be quite pronounced if I followed my intended plan, and I suggested we scale […]

“It Is Obvious Whose Idea This Was.”

What my dad said when he saw the tribute to his 80th birthday I and a few family members set up in his front yard.

Father of the God Damned Year

Building a puppet theater for my son for his third birthday tomorrow. Not bad, but I’ve really got to get better at joinery. Also, don’t fear the router, Dan.

Latest Shadow Box

Every item Nate noticed, picked up, and handed to me over the past three years during our walks.

Getting the Chair

What’s He Building in There?

My latest project. What could it be? I’m sure some of you know already. I’m just happy that after two years of fatherhood, I’m returning to the workshop. God, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I took that woodworking class. That crazy, crazy-ass woodworking class… If we ever meet, buy me […]


Recently, at work, I was considered competent enough to win several gift cards in recognition of my diligence and industry—not once but THREE times. The pebble in my shoe, however, is that the gift card site offers few alternatives that accommodate my tastes—I am not an aficionado of auto supplies, and I find the cuisine […]