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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Protected: Old Joke/Gritty Reboot

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Zombification Insurance

Ghost Signs!

Ghost signs found on Dempster and Bronx Ave. in Skokie. I’m sure many, many photographers have snapped shots of these already, but I finally got around to doing it yesterday. Love the old alphabet phone numbers! And most of you young ankle-biters probably have no idea what Green Stamps were.

No Rumble in the Bronx

I’ve passed by the “historic Bronx building” many times on my way through Skokie, and I’ve always meant to stop and take a few shots. Looks like a 20s era building. Not sure what makes it historic. I haven’t found much more info about it online, save from the company that was apparently hired to […]

Remember: All Other Humans Are Your Foils and Footstools

Ranking on cast-iron hipsters is the primary hobby of part-time hipsters in denial—particularly if they’re mediocre journalists. I think it stems from a deep-rooted, despicable human instinct to piss on an anonymous mass of humans to feel better about oneself. Sadly, for the complainers, it’s no longer acceptable to focus this rage on certain races […]

The Goddamned Batmorality and Batemperance Society

This morning I was helping Nate get dressed, and I suited him up in one of his two or three Batman shirts. It looks like a Dick Giordano Batman, courageously going forth to fight the bad guys with Gotham City as a backdrop. I noted that the shirt had a caption: Me: (Pointing at each […]

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