Remember: All Other Humans Are Your Foils and Footstools

Ranking on cast-iron hipsters is the primary hobby of part-time hipsters in denial—particularly if they’re mediocre journalists. I think it stems from a deep-rooted, despicable human instinct to piss on an anonymous mass of humans to feel better about oneself. Sadly, for the complainers, it’s no longer acceptable to focus this rage on certain races or religions.

Think I’m overreacting? How about this? When I hear you bad-mouthing folks because they’re expressing themselves or just acting goofy, I know that when I leave the room you’re saying the same shit about me. Oh my yes, you are.

In my old age (43) I wish I could get back all the time I wasted ridiculing folks who weren’t harming anyone. Please do verbally stomp on the world’s boobs, friends, but learn to differentiate them from folks who are just having fun. You don’t HAVE to like what they do, but don’t think you’re somehow cleverer because you’re not doing much more than bashing them.

It’s like I always say: Try making something out of nothing. Not so easy, is it?

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.