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                Back from Destroy All Monsters! with Nate. Mike: How was the movie? Me: About what you’d expect. Giant monsters battling each other. Mike: Uh huh. Me: Though the ending still gets to me. It shows Godzilla, 60 years later, sitting on his home’s porch dressed in a […]

99 Glass Balloons

Many years ago, I read at an event covering the topic of writings found on the Internet. It was the late 90s, and the Web was still a brave and uncharted new world. The concept of uncompensated writers covering unusual and personal topics was novel enough to warrant this sort of attention. The guy who […]

Actually, I Would Probably Watch That

[Flipping through the animation and anime offerings on Netflix’s instant view.] Dan: [Calling to Mike in the other room.] Man, the descriptions for these anime series are bizarre. For instance, this one is called Black Butler… Mike: Is it about Benson? Dan: Har har har!

Zombification Insurance


I’m a copy editor/copywriter for a living, and part of my job involves delivering edicts on our editorial style, establishing standards for how and why we say things in our communications. Got that? Anyway, a co-worker came over today and asked me, “Dan, do you have any standards?” “NOOOOOOO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!” I immediately replied, to […]

Our Newspaper Carrier Has Either a Sense of Humor or Excellent Aim