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Let Us Now Praise Crazy Men

I honestly had no idea there was a statue of Captain Streeter in Chicago. Now we need one for the Unknown Brick Stealer. Share this:

Shepard Fairey Installation on the Grand Avenue Underpass

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I Hate Taggers

Within a week of a trellis being set up in front of the Chicago Motor Club Building (more info here), a tagger took advantage of the cover and scrawled who-knows-what-the-hell on the facade. While not an “important” building, it’s a nifty little Art Deco gem, tucked away in an infrequently visited corner of Michigan Avenue. […]

Ghost Signs!

Ghost signs found on Dempster and Bronx Ave. in Skokie. I’m sure many, many photographers have snapped shots of these already, but I finally got around to doing it yesterday. Love the old alphabet phone numbers! And most of you young ankle-biters probably have no idea what Green Stamps were. Share this:

No Rumble in the Bronx

I’ve passed by the “historic Bronx building” many times on my way through Skokie, and I’ve always meant to stop and take a few shots. Looks like a 20s era building. Not sure what makes it historic. I haven’t found much more info about it online, save from the company that was apparently hired to […]

Photo Every Few Days 2011, #52

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Photo Every Few Days 2011, #51

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Photo Every Few Days 2011, #50

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Photo a Day 2011, #49

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Photo a Day 2011, #48

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