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Jesus, I Trust in Your Laser Heart

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Life in the Theater

I attended the Landmarks Commission at lunchtime. Not sure of the technical term, but the Commission approved the continued pursuit of landmark status for the Portage Theater! Huzzah! As a fellow attendee said to me on the way out, “That was a very nice first step.” Share this:

Where West Side Story Meets Dawn of the Dead

Note: I’m currently working on a Gapers Block piece about the Portage Theater and efforts to prevent its purchase by the Chicago Tabernacle Church. Some passages and sentiments may carry over to that article, but the GB article will be more history-heavy. Just FYI. Monday night I attended the Save the Portage Theater rally. Appropriately, […]

Save the Portage Theater!

Attend the public meeting tonight, Monday, March 26,  at 7 p.m. at the Portage Theater, 4050 N Milwaukee. More information at 45th Ward alderman John Arena’s website. Share this:

New Steppes of Chicago Post

Parker Berry, Hegewisch, and the Hidden. Share this:

Visiting Parker

Today we made the journey to Manlius, and Princeton, IL, to see a few of the remaining works of former Louis Sullivan draftsman Parker N. Berry. The folks in both towns couldn’t have treated us better. My faith in humanity was reinforced by the graciousness and industry of the members of the Manlius Historical Society […]

Studies in Window Crayon, A Collaboration Between Me and My Son

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Patent Absurdity #2

Haven’t come up with a name for this one yet. Maybe I should sell these on Etsy, because I’d really like to see who’d buy something like this. Share this:


My son asked me to build him a ray gun. amazing what you can throw together in five minutes with some scrap cardboard and duct tape. Of course now I want to take it back and IMPROVE it. Share this:

Death Is COOL

Had the splendid opportunity to visit the Cultural Center to view Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection, an amazing, beautiful, terrifying, grisly, perplexing, saddening, and hilarious collection of artworks focused on one thing: DEATH. Is it possible to feel both reborn and doomed? I sure did. If you’re in town, see it, immediately. Share this: