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Monthly Archives: April 2012


The oral aspect is alarming.

Old Photos

If You’re Reading My Posts Here…

…let me know by e-mail dan [at] mrdankelly [dot] com. Just curious. Two months without the instant gratification of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Tumblr. LAND’S SAKE, HOW HAVE I SURVIVED?


Four thousand words about the Portage Theater, packed off and sent to Gapers Block. IT IS ACCOMPLISHED.


Up till 2:30; woke up at 6. I was trying to finish my as-yet unmanageable Gapers Block article about the Portage Theater. Circumstances prevailed to prevent me from finishing last night, and I am so very tired. I have Jasper TX’s song “braille” on repeat. I am steeped in the gravy of exhaustion. “Nobody gets […]

I’m Not Usually One to Cheer a TV Character, but Bravo, Lane

Get to Work, Dan


She pushed her way out, by the way. NO JAIL CAN HOLD FLYNN KELLY!

Son-Printed Sunprint

Ah, There’s Nothing Like a Disposable Razor Shave

That’ll teach me to oversleep.