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If there’s a phrase describing whatever lies beyond a “worst case scenario,” the Trump administration demands its immediate coinage. In under a month, the current (weekday) occupant of the White House has proven himself to be an efficient facilitator of historical levels of outrage, scandal, and embarrassment unachieved by less awful presidents in months or […]


      Us: Whew! Maintaining democracy is hard work! But it’s a good feeling indeed! Let’s keep working, so we can… Hey, what’s Pee Otis doing over there? Pee Otis: GAZE AT ME! BEHOLD ME! HEAR ME BABBLE INCOMPREHENSIBLY! SEE ME SOIL MYSELF AT BOTH ENDS! I AM YOUR RULER! ALL MUST QUIVER AND […]

Words of Advice for Young People

At some point, you have to accept the fact that people don’t get any smarter if you yell at them. And you don’t feel any better for having done so. At least, you’ll realize that after tilting at your 6,000th windmill. Share this: