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New Steppes of Chicago Post

Parker Berry, Hegewisch, and the Hidden.

Alas Parker

Princeton Dry Goods store facade (now “Super Wok”) redesigned by Parker N. Berry. Shamefully truncated and neglected.  

Visiting Parker

Today we made the journey to Manlius, and Princeton, IL, to see a few of the remaining works of former Louis Sullivan draftsman Parker N. Berry. The folks in both towns couldn’t have treated us better. My faith in humanity was reinforced by the graciousness and industry of the members of the Manlius Historical Society […]

Finding Parker

I’m heading to Manlius and Princeton, IL, this weekend to see some of the few remaining works of architect Parker Noble Berry, Louis Sullivan’s final draftsman and a promising architect in his own right. Sadly, Berry died at age 30, a victim of the 1918 Spanish Flu. I don’t think his hospital is still standing, […]

We Are Awake

We are awake because daughter needed a 11 p.m. feeding and son needed 12:30 a.m. reassuring because his stuffy nose is making it hard to sleep. Also, he required a medicinal snack of club crackers. I hope the crackers do the trick, because this house has been under a fucking plague for what seems like […]

A Shot in the Dark—Charles W. Kallal

I’m hoping this shows up on some family member’s list of Google hits during a genealogy search. Are you related to Chicago City Architect Charles William Kallal (possiby born Karel Villem Kallal)? He was active in the 1910s and 1920s, building and designing many municipal buildings. I’m seeking more information about your relative, and, particularly, […]

George Grant Elmslie

More here.

Kling Brothers and Co. Building, by Alfred S. Alschuler

A happy accident of misdirection took me past this lovely thing. Alschuler is probably best known for the London Garantee Building at Michigan and Wacker. I don’t know anything about the Kling Brothers, but I’m assuming this was a warehouse/factory of some kind. Nice incorporation of the Magen David in the logo. Side note: Alschuler […]

I Hate Taggers

Within a week of a trellis being set up in front of the Chicago Motor Club Building (more info here), a tagger took advantage of the cover and scrawled who-knows-what-the-hell on the facade. While not an “important” building, it’s a nifty little Art Deco gem, tucked away in an infrequently visited corner of Michigan Avenue. […]

Theater of Blood

Built in 1909, the Grayland Theater* (3940 N. Cicero) was one of several small silent age movie houses in Chicago. Called neighborhood theaters (according to the fascinating Jazz Age Chicago site), these tiny showplaces skimped on fripperies like balconies, pillars, and ornamentation, and were strictly built to hold a hundred (or fewer) people for an […]