A Shot in the Dark—Charles W. Kallal

I’m hoping this shows up on some family member’s list of Google hits during a genealogy search.

Are you related to Chicago City Architect Charles William Kallal (possiby born Karel Villem Kallal)? He was active in the 1910s and 1920s, building and designing many municipal buildings. I’m seeking more information about your relative, and, particularly, any photos you might have of him. Any Kallals out there? He built the Mayfair Pumping Station and Engine Co. 78 (the fire station near Wrigley Field). Any help will be much appreciated, and I promise I’ll do right by him. He’s an interesting guy. Naturally, I’ll share any information I’ve discovered on my own. Thanks!

Oh right, contact me here or at dan [at] mrdankelly [dot] com

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