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Category Archives: doodads

The Man of Tomorrow

More shots from the Chicago Man of Steel film set.

Ghost Signs!

Ghost signs found on Dempster and Bronx Ave. in Skokie. I’m sure many, many photographers have snapped shots of these already, but I finally got around to doing it yesterday. Love the old alphabet phone numbers! And most of you young ankle-biters probably have no idea what Green Stamps were.

Prithee, Attend to My Plea! We Are in Dire Need of Assis… Thunk! Ugh…

The world’s most inefficient warning sign? By the time you finish reading it, a nine-inch icicle might be lodged in your skull.

Photo a Day 2011, #13

Carved by my grandfather-in-law. R.I.P., Reed.

Photo a Day 2011, #9

Ah! The Icy Hand of Death Is Upon My Throat! Wait, It’s Not.

Last night, in the shower, I happened to look down at my left ankle (yes, smart-ass, ignoring any magnificent organs I might have encountered along the way), and I saw a crop circle shaved into my leg hair—a round bald patch about the size of an Eisenhower dollar. “WTF?” I think, looking more closely, and […]

As a Boy I Built Gingerbrick Houses, Because They Were SENSIBLE

So here’s a stupid question, but give me a break, because we never built one in my house when I was growing up. I’m thinking of making one with my wife and son, because it’s fun, and I’m freaking jolly and shit. After you build a gingerbread house and let it sit around for a […]

Our Newspaper Carrier Has Either a Sense of Humor or Excellent Aim

No! No! No!

The main pumpkin root shows its horrific face.


I love my new coffee press. Sorry, I can’t orgasmically discuss its technological aspects, so please don’t “press” me to do so. See what I did there? “Press.” The note is from wiseacre co-workers who hadn’t seen me for two days because I was hiding in a meeting room proofing a big document—it’s the only […]