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The Goddamned Batmorality and Batemperance Society

This morning I was helping Nate get dressed, and I suited him up in one of his two or three Batman shirts. It looks like a Dick Giordano Batman, courageously going forth to fight the bad guys with Gotham City as a backdrop. I noted that the shirt had a caption: Me: (Pointing at each […]

What the Hell Is Nate Talking About? A Guide.

If Nate Says: “I want to see the big man video.” He Means: “Kindly play the Black-Eyed Peas’ ‘Let’s Get It Started’ video for me for the hundredth goddamned time.” [Assumedly, is the big man, but this is unclear.] If Nate Says: “I want to see the man in the black hat video.” He […]

Father of the God Damned Year

Building a puppet theater for my son for his third birthday tomorrow. Not bad, but I’ve really got to get better at joinery. Also, don’t fear the router, Dan.

Two Autobiographical Stories My Son Inexplicably Asks Me to Retell

Nate is utterly rapt when I tell him these stories, and he wants me to tell them again and again and again. I know not why, my liege. Note that I am telling the below stories the same way I tell them to my three-year-old son. Don’t expect Faulkner. 1. Once, when I was a […]


Standing in front of an elevator in the Tribune Tower that my grandpa might have run as an operator during the 1930s and 40s.

Dream 1

Last night I dreamed that my dad, a lawyer who specializes in real estate, was working on a deal for Steve Albini. The Albini part was odd, but what stuck out for me was that Dad, who’s had a number of medical problems these past few years and isn’t as physically quick as he used […]