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Category Archives: humor

20 Signs of a Hard Winter

1. Wooly caterpillars wear wooly wool coats and hats, large comical googly-eyed glasses, speak in adorable Capote-like lisp. 2. Bears found hibernating in the attic 3. Sun dead 4. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, seen carrying Persephone to Hades 5. Glacier onslaught 6. Harvested rutabagas bite like a motherfucker, won’t let go 7. Antifreeze antifreezes […]

The Creative Process

Mike, Nate, Flynn, and I are on our way to the beach house we rented in Michigan. It’s located some ways off the main road, requiring a series of twisty turns through the greenery. Mike asks me to review the directions on the Post It notes she scribbled out the other night while speaking to the […]

This Is What Democritus Looks Like

“It Is Obvious Whose Idea This Was.”

What my dad said when he saw the tribute to his 80th birthday I and a few family members set up in his front yard.

Tonight! On! Inner Whistling Shadow Sanctum Mysteries!

I want a job where I can write old-time radio show scripts. [Opening Theme Music] Sepulchral Announcer: Meet Chauncey J. Phillips: restauranteur… pianist…. WOULD-BE MURDERER. Chauncey J. Phillips THOUGHT he could get away with ANYTHING. But he couldn’t… because crime doesn’t pay… Especially for Chauncey J. Phillips… once he entered… the [echoing] INNER WHISTLING SHADOW […]