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Monthly Archives: June 2010

In Case You Were Wondering Where the Name of My Blog Came From

I’ve been looking into Chamberlain’s life. Interesting guy. I’ll post more as I discover more.

In Honor of Bloomsday…

A bit from my recent article for the Baffler. 75. Ulysses, James Joyce Strolling the streets of Zurich on a beautiful day, homburg hat set at a rakish angle, tapping along with his walking stick, Joyce is astonished as I walk up and, without warning, snap a right jab into his good eye. He leans […]

My Sickness

A friend asked how I’d write a horror story for a pre-teen that would take the edge off his growing “too cool for spooky stories” attitude. “How about a story about a pig that turns into a  ghost?” “Yeah?” he said. “And it rapes people to death.” Dead silence, followed by my other friend Seth’s […]

Seriously, Holy Shit.

How to Make a Meatloaf

Post No Bills?

While shopping for art for our home, I came across an interesting feature on that allows you to view your future purchases in the proper context, be it the kitchen, living room, or boudoir. The settings are studiously bland—tastefully appointed with shabby chic or Ikea-like furniture, decorative and wholly unrelated books and magazines, and […]

Science Fantasy

I’m compiling an early science fiction/fantasy collection for my son for when he gets older. I’ll have to include some selections from the Peguin Classics collection as well since Modern Library’s editions don’t always impress me. Modern Library combined “The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde,” for instance, with a bunch of other […]

Pure Sex

New pocket Moleskines, in an all-new color… RED—appropriately, the color of notebook lust. While I love my journal-size Moleskines, these pocket versions are mighty handy for quick notes. With their soft cardboard covers, they fit very comfortably in my front pants pocket. And while they grow softer and more frayed and wrinkled over time, they […]

My Theory of Why I Write Fewer Blog Posts These Days

George W. Bush stopped being president.

And a Little Rain Never Hurt No One

32 gallon trash can, about half full with the cleansing rains of last night (boy, those were some pretty big boom-booms, weren’t they?. Usually I remember to turn the can over, but not this time. I was also dim enough to leave it by  the garage, hence la deluge. I hope I can drag it […]