Science Fantasy

I’m compiling an early science fiction/fantasy collection for my son for when he gets older. I’ll have to include some selections from the Peguin Classics collection as well since Modern Library’s editions don’t always impress me. Modern Library combined “The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde,” for instance, with a bunch of other Stevenson stories. I love Stevenson’s work, but there’s only one novel that counts in THIS collection.

I’m working from my memory and a list that somebody suggested to me on Facebook, but I’m open to suggestions (for a change, I’ll leave the comments feature open and just deal with the spam). Originally I wanted to keep it to late 1800s fiction, but perhaps I should move it up to the 1920s. I may even slip some Lovecraft in there. The man was as moldy as any Victorian attic.

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