Daddy Reads Too Much

Whenever Nate cleans up at home, he sings a song that he learned at school. I think it’s based on this one:

It’s time to clean up, clean up
Everybody do your share
Clean up, clean up
Soon the mess will not be there

Since he’s three he hasn’t quite gotten all the words, so I learned the song from him as:

Clean up, clean up
Everybody clean up
Everybody does his share
Clean up, clean up

We kind of bumble through the lyrics together as we put away his toys. It’s not Donizetti, but it helps move things along.

Then last night, as we picked up all his fake food, we started singing, and I got a little creative.

Me, Mike, and Nate:

Clean up, clean up!
Everybody clean up!
Everybody does his share!
Clean up, clean up!


Um… clean up, clean up!
From each according to his ability!
To each according to his needs!

Mike: (Laughing)


Clean up! Clean up!
The history of society
Is a history of class struggles!

Mike: (Still laughing)

Nate: (Oblivious, still picking up fake food.)

(Aside to Mike so Nate can’t hear.)
Clean up! Clean up!
If you want to imagine the future,
imagine a boot stamping a human face, forever!

Mike: Uh, whut?

Me: Hold on, that’s Kafka.

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.