So, I took a day off today. Let’s see, I spent about an hour and a half driving Mike and Nate to her job/his daycare, picked up a mocha (because I’m feeling fancy-pants), and then back home. Got home, checked the Internet for a hour. Started to do some outdoor Halloween decorating for a bit, but it was raining so  much I didn’t feel comfortable making it too elaborate until tomorrow. Then I did the laundry (which I’ve been doing all day so far); put away the clean dishes, then scrubbed and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher; fixed the door to Nate’s room (which wasn’t latching); realized I couldn’t take out the air conditioner window units because of the rain; picked up a cheeseburger at a nearby joint and ate it while watching a little bit of Corpse Bride; played a half hour of Rock Band 2; then looked up and saw that it was almost 2 p.m. At 2:30 I need to head back out to pick up Mike and attend Nate’s day care’s Halloween party. Which will be fun but… For Christ’s sake, where did my day off go? Poof.

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

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