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It Never Would Have Worked Out Between Me and Dave

Letter from summer camp to my parents (postmarked July 1979), rediscovered in an old photo album at my parents. I loved Boy Scouts, but I always hated camping as a kid. No idea what Mom and Dad’s reaction was to the Dave Litt part. Interestingly, Dave introduced me to the movie Alien (via the Marvel comic adaptation), and explained the mechanics of sexual intercourse. Verbally, not physically.


Dear Mom and Dad

Hi! Our Troop has had tick problems. Ralph has had one. I have slept well. Our tents have no bottom. I have taken some nice pictures. The lake is nice.

I am sleeping with Dave Litt.

I will tell you about it when I get home.

Sincerely (crossed out),

P.S. Some of this camp stinks.