* The challenge of writing my novel’s first draft (which comes between the rough draft and the final draft) is that while it needn’t be perfect, I’d like it to make sense. Surely, there are continuity errors. I think I’ve jumbled a few characters here and there (one guy has had three different names). And I must admit, my sentences sometimes stretch out across time and space. But still, were someone to read my book before the final draft, they could say, “You know, this needs work, but I get it. I know what’s going on.” Even if I shove this thing into a box and store it somewhere in the basement, not to be seen again until after my death, at least it’ll make sense.

* Life has been difficult. Not hard, but difficult. A spate of viruses hit everyone in my family, so everyone’s been sick at some point since February (my wife got strep TWICE). Also, my father’s 80th birthday is in a week, and while my family was working to make it a memorable day he started experiencing a health issue that required an MRI. We won’t know what’s up with that until tomorrow evening though. Let’s hope it’s good news.

And so on.

Anyway, God, fates, etc. Thanks for not hitting us TOO hard, but let up, will ya?

* So, how’s by you? I have to admit that while I’m no longer in Facebook withdrawal, it’s been weird to experience a pre-social networking life. I can’t share photos of my kids as easily. If I find an interesting article, I can’t immediately post it. What’s more, I miss my online friends. So, back to work, Dan. Kathy’s not giving up those passwords unless you have a novel in hand. To the work, to the work.

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