Punching Nazis Is What Americans Do Best

Cap punches Hitler color
Just an update for those who might have missed it:
Nazis are bad. Very bad. Historically, they enjoyed imprisoning and/or killing people—sometimes they even experimented on them. America and several other countries organized their armed forces to curb-stomp the Nazis in the 1940s. Anyone who empathizes with or promotes Nazism, white supremacy, or announces their intent to discriminate against if not liquidate whole segments of the population is a bad person. It’s true!
Of course, the current blabbing American breed of goosesteppers are mostly lunk-headed sociopaths and Objectivist daffodils who enjoy putting their collection of swastika-laden doohickeys alongside their XBoxes and GI Joe collections, dressing up, sloganeering, and whinging about their rights when people tell them they’re full of crap/clock them. They need to be helpfully disabused of their notions. At the least, they should honor real, down-home American values by joining the Klan and wrapping themselves in Mommy’s bedsheets. But then people would more readily identify them and their batshit values, wouldn’t they? One might think they’re trying to be circumspect about it by dressing in suits and claiming they’re just trying to protect REAL Americans by “joking” about stuffing Jewish reporters in ovens, hanging African Americans, raping women, shooting undocumented immigrants, and so forth.
Should they be randomly sucker-punched? Perhaps not. Then again…perhaps. But a periodic reminder that the rats better stay in their fucking holes is nice.
Glad to clear this up.

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.