One of the dumber fictional ideas humans have had is that immortality, or more “realistically” a very, very long and healthy life measured in millennia, would be unbearable. Given that extra-long lifespan, only an unimaginative soul wouldn’t find multiple worthwhile somethings to do along the way. We have the notion that losing people would be especially torturous, but would it be any worse than losing them while grey-bearded, half-mad, and near-death oneself?

I like the TV show The Good Place, but even that show thought a few billion years in Heaven was enough for a life in a challenging eternally customizable paradise. No one even considered the possibility of offering people the option to erase and reboot themselves, letting them enjoy that sense of accomplishment again and again and again.

What a crock. To believe that in a literal perfect world we’d eventually choose oblivion. Certainly it beats the existing alternative of hoping you have enough funding to reach a hundred years in a disintegrating meat machine.

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.

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