“Most plants thrive on animal waste, but I’m afraid this mutation possesses an appetite for the animal itself. ” Day of the Triffids

I don’t think I’ve adequately described the viney nightmare in our backyard. Back in 2006, I raised a 120 pound pumpkin. This  year I have five of what look like 100-pounders or more. Didn’t do much more than plant the seeds, spread a little compost, and walk away. But that’s all that pumpkins really need. I tried to clip a few of the vines and bury the ends in the ground, but more and more kept springing forth, like the proverbial hydra. On Saturday my photographer friend Kathy is stopping by with a real camera to commemorate the madness. I’m looking forward to it.

By the way, this vine managed to vault over a lilac bush and latch onto the bird feeder. What? How? Why? It is known but to God.

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.

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