Too Many Secrets?

One thing I’ve been pondering since Wikileaks issued its second batch of goodies is this: Considering the alternative (not revealing secrets) has it been demonstrably proven that keeping secrets is such a good policy for diplomacy? Because that didn’t seem to be working so well before things started wikileaking. There are lies we tell ourselves and lies we tell each other in order to keep things at a simmering boil, but even a low flame can eventually start a conflagration—if I may wax metaphorical. Some of what I’ve read sounds very familiar. Behavior that repeats itself down here in cafeterias and around the water cooler. The higher echelons and elites like their exclusivity. It’s all about their personal interactions, you know. The rest of us are just filler.

Just pondering. Sorry, can’t go much deeper than that for now.

Another note: I just read somewhere that the Wikidump threatens to “change history.” What makes this funny is that the implication is that history can be changed. What they mean, I think, is that the future desired and crafted by the Powers That Be may not come to pass. And that ticks them off.

Author: Mr. Dan Kelly

Chicago writer interested in many things.